Nothing makes me happier than to make a painting or drawing for you (or as a gift for you to give to someone else) but to ensure that everyone has a positive experience I do have some guidelines for commissions:‚Äč 


1: At all times I retain creative control. If I think something will look bad I'm not going to do it. However, I will do my best to make you happy within the confines of my own visual aesthetic and creative process. If you want me to do a commission for you it should be because you like the work I make and would like a piece by me that is just a little more personal to you. 


2: Size, medium (painting or drawing), and cost (+shipping) will be discussed and agreed upon and a 50% down payment will be made before any work is done.


3: Photographic reference material provided by the patron must be of good quality and provided to in the form of a jpeg.


4: If I am making the reference photo for you, I will go over the details of what you want the painting or drawing to be like and I will provide a rough sketch of what I think the composition should look like. If you sign off on the sketch, I will proceed to create a reference photograph to paint from. The photo may differ from the sketch. You will be allowed one free reshoot to make any changes we both agree on. Each subsequent reshoot will be $100.


5: If the project requires that I purchase prop materials, I will absorb the cost up to $100. If the cost exceeds $100, you will be charged for the remainder (I will provide receipts). I will retain the rights to all purchased prop materials after the project is completed. If you have materials you want me to use in the composition you will be responsible for the shipping and return shipping costs.


6: When your painting or drawing is completed, the remaining 50% of the cost must be paid before your piece will be shipped. 


7: I retain the right to add any guidelines to individual commissions as the need arises.